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The delicate borders between the dream and the real, a deep fascination with the visual luxuries of ancient mythology and a potent desire to explore the inherent beauty within the disciplines of the physical and metaphysical sciences are all at work for Miami-based artist Santiago Rubino. His painstaking draftsmanship and razor-edged precision in executing geometric perspective and line contribute to the timeless quality of his figurative portraits.

Sometimes placed in lavish surroundings, sometimes floating in a quiet pool of negative space, his characters command a distinctive poise evoking the regal air of a Victorian-era portrait sitter. These finely-drawn images communicate an airy, dream-like state. Faithful to pure, creative intuition and injecting a dark, urban streak, Rubino's work is rooted in a diverse range of principles from Renaissance cartooning and classical antiquity to contemporary graffiti and character animation.


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