Inside the GGA Gallery you'll find original works of art by artists who have painted murals inside the Wynwood Walls. Over 40 artists have been on view inside the GGA Gallery.


Since the Wynwood Walls opened in 2009, Goldman Global Arts has passionately supported an ever-expanding community of diverse and creative street artists from around the world. 

In addition to the mural curation program, the GGA Gallery opened its doors for Art Basel 2016 to present The Originals, a temporary exhibition showcasing the work of 29 Wynwood Walls artists past and present. Receiving millions of visitors and positive reviews, the GGA Gallery became a permanent fixture inside the Wynwood Walls, and an invaluable resource for collecting unique and hard to find works of art. 

In 2018, The GGA Gallery presented Beyond Words, a mindful exhibition showcasing the collectible work of 42 Wynwood Walls muralists from over a dozen different countries. Beyond Words is currently on view and open to the public at the GGA Gallery..

We hope you feel inspired by your experience in The GGA Gallery and the Wynwood Walls. Stay tuned for much more to come in 2019.