Street-art gallery inside the Wynwood Walls in Miami.



This exhibition features new work by: Risk, Shepard Fairey, Ron English, The London Police, and exciting new additions Queen Andrea, Martin Whatson, and Ashop Crew members Fluke, Zek One, Dodo Ose, Ankhone, and more. 

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A solo show by Alexandre Farto aka VHILS

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humanKIND 2017

The new Goldman Global Arts (GGA) Gallery exhibition, humanKIND, brings together 29 creative and dynamic street artists from a dozen different countries. In addition to joining past Wynwood Walls artists, the twelve new artists showcasing works in the GGA Gallery also painted murals in the Wynwood Walls during Miami Art Week 2017. Entering our program are 2SHY (France), Audrey Kawasaki (USA), Bordalo II (Portugal), eL Seed (France), Ernesto Maranje (USA), Joe Iurato (USA), Lady Pink (USA), Leon Keer (Holland), Martin Whatson (Norway), Pro176 (France), and Seth Globepainter (France).



In the early 2000's, Wynwood was much like any other industrial urban neighborhood that had fallen on hard times. It had its share of failed manufacturing businesses, abandoned warehouses, and crime. Pedestrian activity was non-existent. Joey Goldman was tasked with finding the next zone for the Goldman Family; he discovered Wynwood.

Enter Tony Goldman, founder of Goldman Properties. Rather than work to erase what others considered blight, Tony envisioned a town center that highlighted what made Wynwood authentic and provided a place for people of all walks of life, from all over the world, to congregate, explore, and be inspired. In 2009, the Wynwood Walls was born. Today, the exterior walls serve as giant canvases for the greatest street art collection ever assembled in one place.

In eight years, The Wynwood Walls has helped ignite one of the largest art movements in history, elevating street art to a genre that is widely respected by art lovers of all economic classes and changing the paradigm of how people interact with art. Thought-provoking and celebratory of creativity and talent, The Wynwood Walls have become a focal point of what is happening in the world of street art. Since its inception, The Wynwood Walls has been a platform for more than 90 artists, representing 20 countries, and covering over 85,000 square feet of walls.

CEO Goldman Properties & Goldman Global Arts


OPEN EVERYDAY: 11am - 9pm